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An introduction to the function of the intelligent point dining machine

Update Time : 2018-05-03 View : 5458
The ordering machine is divided into several kinds, each of which has different functions. This is the introduction of Jingke intelligent meal machine function that I am going to give you.
Ticketing function: the UnionPay sells buffet tickets, and can be purchased according to the needs of different buffet tickets.

Meal ticket function: two-dimensional code, verification code, cell phone number, membership card to print the expected meal menu.

Print function: print buffet menu and print trade voucher.

Payment function: UnionPay card payment

Communication function: UnionPay dedicated wireless communication, TCP/IP network communication

Membership card functions: IC membership card reading card, restaurant membership card self-service card, membership card pay to pay recharge

Monitoring function: high definition pinhole camera monitoring

Self-service function: a timed automatic switch
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