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Corporate Culture

Company declaration

Shenzhen Jingke vision Electronics Co.,, look together we seek, we look forward to work together to create a spirit; to appreciate, use the soul to forge; chasing the dream, pray for the future, let us harvest mood, our success!

Raised the sails of life, our departure; bearing liveliness, we walk in the rain; we bear, Rong Guangzhong we humbly, to create a miracle! The achievements of the future. Like the sea, like the broad mind, like a river into the sea. With passion, confidence, with soft silky sincerely, develop a sky crystal, the new world, open the crystal, the.

Let the eyes of the world to focus, make Jingke space repeatedly extended! Add a little color, concentrated a feeling, crystal, with the development of science and technology to create a better life in Ankang!

Corporate motto

Team innovation, to the pinnacle of success; passion dedication, to share the joy of success;

The wind before the trip, enjoy the journey of hardships; the difficult endeavor, listen to the pace of progress.

The quality policy

Customer satisfaction is our duty

We put one's heart and soul into provides the high quality service for the customer, direct support, high quality products, efficient production and fast freight.

Company product quality and visual appearance must meet customer standards. Client agreement commitment, company all returned because of production cause quality defects of the products.

We have a strong customer feedback system. In addition to the quality of our daily communication, regularly carry out customer satisfaction survey, evaluate and improve the quality of service.

Zero defect is our goal

In the strict training, employees can quickly, correctly deal with various problems. Every employee has received training and assessment in pre. A monthly examination is helpful to improve the work of the staff, in order to achieve the goal of zero defects.

Continuous improvement is our policy

We encourage and urge each and every staff to continuously improve work efficiency. Several times a year and please project training, to work idea and method of transmission of new employees. Outstanding performance and continuous improvement is our consistent policy.

The spirit of enterprise

Innovation dutifully dedicated team

Close cooperation spirit, give the crystal, infinite vitality;

Conscientious attitude, build Jingke perfect product quality;

Selfless dedication spirit, to create a crystal, super team;

Passion is the spirit of innovation, promote the continuous leap Jingke products.

Business purpose

Survive by quality, technology and development, to perfect reputation

Refine on production details, be strict in one's demands, rigorous work hard, his own life;

Forward thinking, leap in innovation, flying in passion, to steer their sails;

With the mood to experience, with feelings to communicate, to service with enthusiasm, sincerity to win friends respect.

Service concept

Responsible for the integrity.

Integrity is the fundamental, is willing to work with customers to create a win-win situation;

I was responsible for the commitment, willing to guarantee for you by heart;

Sweet is my pursuit, sincere service for you.

Unity in harmony as the prosperity

Effort to hold as the criterion

To wish for health food.

To forgive is the primary dispute

To grow to love into Germany

Learning to Qin Xi for the entry

Treat people with sincerity as the cornerstone

The public with humility and rational

Everything in advance will not work

Objective to care as a fundamental