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How to choose outdoor LCD advertising machine

Update Time : 2018-05-05 View : 5545
When we choose outdoor LCD advertising machines, we must pay attention to three important aspects.
1: outdoor LCD advertising machine performance and expansion effect
As the "fifth media" intelligent playback device, the processor must have strong enough performance to support the audio and video decode board, and also to consider the performance processing in the future when it needs to be extended.
Two: support for technology and development tools
Good software facilities are closely related to the whole product itself. Any product can not do without technical support and development tools to support the development of outdoor advertising machine product development has an important impact, not only can effectively reduce the difficulty of products, improve the success rate of product development, and speed up the process of product production and update.
Three: consideration of cost and power consumption
The cost of processor is in the first place in the outdoor advertising machine, and it is very important for embedded products with cost control requirements. Good outdoor LCD advertising machine not only has good playback effect, but also the whole system has less power consumption. Therefore, choosing a low power configuration is an important factor in outdoor LCD.
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